When will PEAS ship my order? The typical delivery frame is 10-14 days for all orders less than 100 DVDs. For orders greater than 100 DVDs the delivery time frame is 21 days. How do I cancel an order? To cancel an order please call us within 1 hour of placing your order at 022-42155111. If calling from outside India, please dial +91-22-42155111. How may I update an order? Please call us within 1 hour of placing your order. What is PEAS’s return policy? How do I request a return? If an item is damaged in transit please email us immediately. On the SUBJECT line, please type : DEFECT IN ORDER: #order number. What is my password? Your Password is the one you selected during the sign-up. How do I change my password? You can change your password by: a. Without Signing In: Clicking on the forgot password button which will send an e-mail request to the verified email id for you to update it b. Once Signed In: Clicking on My Account, then selecting the “Update Password” tab. Here you can update the Password by entering the user id, present password and a 2 step update password option. How do I change my email address and other contact information? When signed in click on the My Account option in the top right corner of the top bar. You can update e-mail id / mobile / website under the Personal Information Tab and your Shipping address under the Address Tab. You also have the option of selecting your default address from multiple options you have added. How do I access chat? The chat option is available on the bottom right corner of the website.
a. If no consultant is available the chat box shows “leave a message” click on the same enter your details and click enter
b. If a consultant is available put in your email id or name and start chatting right away